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App-Gadgets are the elements that make up your iPhone App. Each App-Gadget offers special functionality & can take advantage of iPhone's features including, GPS, Camera/Photos, Video, Voice, Accelerometer & more. You can add , edit & customize your App-Gadgets using our online 'AppBuilder'. Best of all, if you don't see the App-Gadget you needed...we can build a custom App-Gadget just for you (for far less that the cost of a full custom app)


Real Estate Listing Gadget
For Real Estate listings & location/directions

Contact Gadget
For phone, email, IM & mailing contact info
Info Page Gadget
For rich page information (text & photos)
Photo Listing Gadget
For Photo Collections
Event Listing Gadget
For Event Time/Location notifications
Video Listing Gadget
For Video Collections
Dictionary/Glossary Gadget
For Glossary Style Lookup
Location Article Gadget
For rich page information (text, photo, video) presented in location. Map browsable
Send Photo Gadget
For users to send photos & comments/questions
Menu Gadget
For browse able menus
Send Location Gadget
For users to send location info & comments/questions
Location Lesson Gadget
For rich page lessons (text, photo, video) presented in location. Map browsable
In-Location-Only Gadget
For users to view content while at a specified GPS location only
Simple Lesson Gadget
For rich page lessons (text, photo, video)
Playlist Gadget
For playlists
Blog/RSS Feed Gadget
For including existing Blogs & RRS content
Recipe Gadget
For Recipes
Shake-Me Gadget
For accelerometer event handling
Treasure Map Gadget
For users to view a series of 'In-Location' content points. Works like a treasure map
Themed Game Gadget
For simple relevant games
Accident Report Gadget
For photo, time & GPS location documentation
Advice Gadget
For browsable advice
In-Location Msging Gadget
For users to msg (IM) in VIP groups while at specified GPS location
Voice Gadget
For record and send
Directions Gadget
For directions related to GPS
Twitter Gadget
For Twitter Feeds
Around Me Gadget
For item lookup/recommend based on GPS
Photo Sketch Gadget
For basic photo sketch
Guest List Gadget
For guest list collection
In-Location Coupon Gadget
For offering Coupons to in-location customers
YouTube Gadget
For YouTube Collections
Song/Album Gadget
For Song/Album collections
Translation Gadget
For browsable text/voice/video translations

Didn't see what you want? Request it! We may even build it for free!
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