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The Instant iPhone App for Real Estate Agents

AppRealty is specifically designed for Real Estate Agents. You can design, build & manage your app from the web. Add your own MLS listings, Sale or Rental Listings & Open House dates. Tie your existing blog into your iPhone App. Let your Clients download & install your App. Easy to Use & we add new features/gadgets all the time.

Owner Features
  • Web-based App Management
  • Control 'Look/Feel'
  • App Store Acceptable
  • iPhone Installable
  • Blackberry, Android & iPhone Web Available
  • Automatic Updates
  • Owner Sets Price (or Free)
  • MLS import *
  • Pay-per-Content Option*
  • Much more...


User Features

  • Users can...
  • Email you directly
  • Call you directly
  • Shake iPhone to Call
  • View your listings
  • Get Open House Notifications
  • Get Open House Directions
  • Ask Location Based Question
  • View Location-Based Content
  • Ask Photo-Send Questions*
  • Buy your Premium Content*
  • Much more...
App Gadgets

  • MLS Listings Gadget*
  • Sale/Rental Listings Gadget
  • Open Houses Gadget
  • Location-Based Content Gadget
  • Price History Location-Based Content Gadget*
  • Your Bio Gadget
  • Your Blog Gadget
  • Contact Gadget
  • Add your Customized Gadget...from $199
  • More to come...
AppBreeder is always free to build & no royalties on your sales. Pricing options include:
iPhone App:
iPhone Web:

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